F – 6 Water Safety Program

At RPS, we’re committed to ensuring the safety of our students, especially when it comes to water activities. Our comprehensive water safety program is designed to familiarise students with various water-based activities while instilling crucial safety skills. Through engaging experiences like swimming lessons and water-safety excursions, students are given opportunities to develop their practical knowledge and confidence in navigating aquatic environments. By prioritising these essential skills, our program not only promotes safety but also cultivates a profound appreciation for our natural surroundings.

Ultimately, our goal is to equip students with the confidence and competence to enjoy water activities safely while fostering a lifelong connection to the beauty of our natural environment.

House System

At RPS we draw inspiration from some of Australia’s most influential leaders: Turia Pitt, Steve Irwin, Cathy Freeman, and Anh Do. As pillars of our nation’s ethos, each of these remarkable individuals embodies the leadership qualities and values that we aspire for our students to embrace and emulate.

Turia Pitt, with her indomitable spirit and resilience, exemplifies the importance of perseverance and determination in the face of adversity. Through her courage and strength, she teaches our students the value of resilience and the power of a positive mindset.

Steve Irwin, known affectionately as the “Crocodile Hunter,” epitomises passion, curiosity, and a deep respect for nature. His boundless enthusiasm and unwavering dedication to wildlife conservation inspire our students to approach learning with a sense of wonder and to become stewards of the environment.

Cathy Freeman, a symbol of perseverance and excellence in the realm of athletics, demonstrates the importance of setting goals and working tirelessly to achieve them. Her triumphs on the track inspire our students to strive for greatness in all their endeavours and to never give up on their dreams.

Anh Do, a multifaceted talent known for his creativity, humour, and compassion, embodies the values of empathy and kindness. Through his storytelling and philanthropic efforts, he encourages our students to embrace diversity, cultivate empathy, and make a positive impact in their communities.

Our house system serves as a platform for students to not only celebrate these esteemed figures but also to embody the leadership qualities and values they represent. Through house competitions, community service projects, and collaborative activities, students have the opportunity to develop teamwork, sportsmanship, and a sense of belonging.

During whole school activity days, the house system fosters connections and cultivates team spirit as students come together to compete, collaborate, and celebrate their achievements. Whether participating in sports tournaments, academic challenges, or creative endeavours, students learn the importance of working together towards a common goal while fostering a sense of camaraderie and belonging within their respective houses.

In essence, our primary school house system honours the legacies of Turia Pitt, Steve Irwin, Cathy Freeman, and Anh Do, inspiring our students to become compassionate, resilient, and visionary leaders who strive to make a positive difference in the world.

Life Skills Program

Our Life Skills Program provides students with opportunities to explore their passions and cultivate valuable life skills.This program is designed to provide a platform for students to not only pursue their interests but also develop essential collaboration, communication, and foster deep community connections.

Students have the freedom to engage in activities that resonate with their interests and aspirations. Whether it’s casting lines from the pier during a fishing excursion, participating in beach clean-up efforts to preserve our environment, or delving into the realms of coding and cartooning, the Life Skills Program offers a diverse array of opportunities for all students to explore.


RPS students have the opportunity to visit our local library, nestled in the heart of Rosebud on a fortnightly basis. These excursions not only provide an invaluable opportunity for our students to expand their literary horizons but also serve as a bridge to connect with the wider community. Students are encouraged to select books that pique their interest, fostering a love of reading and exploration that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Community Market

The Heart of the Community Market run by Rosebud PS, located on the Rosebud foreshore, offers valuable support to our students. Each month, the market provides opportunities for fundraising, showcasing student talents, and engaging in community service initiatives. Whether through student-run stalls or volunteering efforts, our school’s involvement strengthens ties with the local community and instils pride and responsibility in our students as active participants in shaping Rosebud’s communal spirit.


At RPS, community connections are fundamental to our success, and we are immensely grateful for the unwavering support from organisations such as the Lions Club, the Rosebud RSL, the Country Women’s Association, the Mornington Peninsula Foundation, Allara Lodge, the Southern Peninsula Foundation, Rosebud Rotary and many more.

Their ongoing contributions, including scholarships, enrich the educational experience of our students, through funding for extracurricular activities, provision of resources, and involvement in community projects. Their support not only enhances the opportunities available to our students but also fosters a sense of belonging and pride within our school community. We are deeply appreciative of their dedication to our school and the positive impact they have on the lives of our students.