The instructional model at RPS follows a structured approach designed to engage and empower students throughout the learning process. It begins with ‘Ignite’, where educators use engaging hooks to capture students’ interest and curiosity, igniting their enthusiasm for the lesson ahead. Next comes ‘Launch’, where explicit teaching takes place, providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills to delve deeper into their learning. During the ‘Explore’ phase, students actively participate in differentiated focus groups to support their personalised learning needs or develop independent learning skills, applying what they’ve learned in meaningful ways. Finally, in the ‘Review’ stage, all students come together to share their insights and experiences, fostering collaboration, reflection, and a deeper understanding of the lesson content. This instructional model ensures that every student is actively engaged and supported throughout their learning journey.


At RPS we have a strong focus on literacy and have adopted a whole-school instructional model. All students are taught at their personalised level of need through explicit focus groups supported by independent learning. Opportunities to stretch and challenge their thinking are supported by the development of learner agency.

Foundation and Year 1 students engage in Little Learners Love Literacy, a sequential, explicit program based on research with a focus on phonemic awareness. For students in Years 2 to 6 the focus is to continue to extend these foundational concepts and extend their understanding by focusing on the following areas of literacy: Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Oral Language, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension.


Our school believes it is important that all children understand important mathematical concepts from a young age and develop mathematical and numeracy skills for everyday life and work. Our aim is to deliver an engaging program for all students, which is personalised to meet individual learner needs.

Our numeracy program follows the Victorian Curriculum. We aim to engage students with real world learning, so that when they leave Rosebud Primary, they are confident mathematicians. Hands-on learning and open-ended experiences support students to understand concepts, experiment, learn from their mistakes, take their knowledge, and transfer their learning into everyday situations.


At RPS our students learn about the world they live in. Our 6D’s Inquiry Model supports students to define a central idea, engage in a targeted discovery process with explicit learning and utilise student voice to dream.

They use student agency to design and deliver a project of choice and debrief with peers to review and celebrate their success.



At RPS, we take great pride in providing our students with a comprehensive STEM Program. Our program utilises an inquiry-based approach to seamlessly integrate skills and knowledge from Science, Technology (including Design and Digital), Engineering, and Mathematics. Throughout STEM lessons, students are encouraged to embark on their own journeys of discovery and problem-solving through a variety of challenges, experiments, and hands-on activities. These lessons delve into core scientific concepts while applying the principles of scientific inquiry, design thinking, and engineering processes. Our STEM curriculum is designed to cultivate essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and digital literacy. Additionally, there is a strong emphasis on fostering collaborative learning, teamwork, and effective communication among students.


Our RPS Art program provides students with a diverse array of materials and techniques to unleash their creativity. Students delve into the essential elements of art, kindling their imaginations and nurturing their emerging talents. They delve into the rich spectrum of colour, as they mould, carve and assemble materials to bring their dreams to life. At all levels, learning in art provides opportunities for students to experience a range of traditional, contemporary and new media/multidisciplinary forms and genres. Art genre incorporated into the program is linked to year level Inquiry sessions, covering collage, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and construction.


Our RPS Music program provides a comprehensive education for Foundation to Year 6 students, emphasising core musical skills like singing, playing instruments, rhythm and composition. Integrated with dance and drama, students explore their creativity and develop confidence in the performing arts. Beginning with basic activities, they progress to advanced concepts, such as composing music. From early years, students learn music fundamentals through singing, clapping and dancing, progressing to deeper understanding through percussion sessions. In later years, they explore music notation and advanced concepts including playing instruments like the recorder, keyboard and ukulele. Students engage in diverse projects, such as composing music and exploring digital tools, fostering essential skills and confidence across the curriculum.

Physical Education

The Physical Education program at RPS prioritises the continuous development of fundamental motor skills, preparing students for sporting games. Through these games, students learn spatial awareness, safe conduct, and essential teamwork qualities while refining their basic skills. As their skills improve, students engage in friendly match play, emphasising good sportsmanship. They also begin learning more complex movements. Above all, the PE program aims for every student to have fun, anticipate each class eagerly, collaborate effectively as part of a team and acquire valuable skills to participate in sports.


The Languages other than English (LOTE) Program at Rosebud Primary School cultivates an understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures globally. Our Japanese lessons have a strong focus on culture and expose students to the Japanese language in speaking, listening, writing, and reading. Additionally, students have the chance to explore Japanese arts like Origami and cuisine. Our LOTE program aims to spark students’ curiosity and encourage them to continue learning beyond the classroom setting.


At RPS, our camps program is designed to develop the whole child by providing opportunities for students to explore and experience things they may not encounter in their daily lives. The journey begins with student participation in our annual Foundation Dinner Dance, a celebration of their year of achievement. Year 1 spend a day out at the Big Goose, engaging with the environment and our wider community.

Year 2 participate in a two day Adventure Camp, where they embark on an exciting exploration of the school grounds and local community, fostering a sense of curiosity and discovery. They also attend the Enchanted Maze, encouraging collaboration, growth mindset and risk taking.

In Year 3, students attend Woorabinda Camp, an outdoor camp nestled in nature. Here, they engage in outdoor activities such as bushwalking, team-building challenges, and campfire storytelling, fostering resilience and teamwork in a natural setting.

Year 4 students embark on a thrilling adventure to Melbourne for City Camp. They visit iconic landmarks such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) and enjoy unique experiences like ice skating, immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of the city.

Year 5 students journey back in time to Sovereign Hill, where they step into the shoes of gold panners and learn about Victoria’s Gold Rush history. This immersive experience not only educates students about the past but also cultivates a sense of appreciation for Australia’s rich heritage.

Finally, Year 6 students take to the waves at Anglesea Surf Camp, where they dive into a water-based adventure. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, students learn to surf, develop water safety skills, and cultivate a love for the ocean, promoting physical activity and environmental awareness.

All of our camps are linked to our cohort Units of Inquiry, providing a direct link to student learning.

Special Interest Camps

RPS also offers special interest camps tailored to provide unique student experiences and to cater for a diverse range of interests.

Music Camp

Music camp provides the opportunity to dive headfirst into a world of melodies and harmonies. Through intensive rehearsals, workshops, and collaborative activities, students hone their musical skills and creativity. The culmination of their efforts is a spectacular grand performance, where they showcase their talents and the magic of music.


Student’s embark on an unforgettable journey during our overnight STEM camp. Participants delve into the captivating realm of science. They explore iconic institutions such as Scienceworks, the Melbourne Museum, and the Planetarium, immersing themselves in interactive exhibits and awe-inspiring displays. Students engage in hands-on activities and workshops that unlock the mysteries of the natural world, technology, and space exploration.

Snow Camp

Our snow camp to Mt. Hotham offers students the opportunity to experience the alpine environment and learn to ski. This week-long camp provides students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves, develop new skills, and create lasting memories in the breathtaking snow-covered landscape.

Art Camp

Our vibrant art day camp provides students the opportunity to immerse themselves in creativity and expression. Local art galleries, urban graffiti tours and exhibits offer a diverse range of artistic inspiration, while empowering students to follow their passion and explore new mediums.