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Vision & Values

Rosebud Primary School’s vision is to create a positive and personalised learning environment where every student celebrates success.

With a strong focus on personalisation and student agency, Rosebud Primary School continues to be ‘the HEART of the community’. We instil our values of Honesty, Effort, Attitude, Respect and Teamwork in all that we do. Providing rich, engaging learning experiences where all students feel valued and celebrate success.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment that supports students in achieving their personal best, driven by high expectations and a commitment for all students to reach their potential.

About Us

Rosebud Primary School, located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, stands as a distinguished school within the Victorian Government school system. As a focal point of our community, we consistently imbue our educational endeavors with the foundational values of honesty, effort, attitude, respect and teamwork. Central to our mission is the cultivation of gratitude and empathy, which serves to fortify our students’ resilience in the face of challenges.

Guided by our overarching principles of Agency and Personalisation, we are steadfast in our commitment to supporting every student in their journey towards success, equipping them with the essential skills necessary for their holistic development. Our ethos revolves around fostering a culture of aspiration, curiosity, creativity and critical thinking, creating an environment where students feel empowered to tackle challenges, pursue their passions and actively contribute to their communities.

In our pursuit of educational excellence, Rosebud Primary School is dedicated to nurturing a dynamic and nurturing learning environment, where each student is enabled to realise their full academic, social, and emotional potential. Through a robust performance and development framework, our teachers engage in continuous improvement aligned with our school strategic plan and annual implementation plan. Collaborative efforts among educators within year-level teams, under the guidance of coordinators and leadership, exemplify our unwavering commitment to achieving excellence at every level.

We place significant emphasis on professional growth, ensuring that our staff are equipped with the latest pedagogical insights and best practices. Our instructional model emphasises personalised learning experiences, with the Learner Cycle framework empowering students to take ownership of their educational journey.

At Rosebud Primary School, student leadership is not only encouraged but actively nurtured, beginning from Year 3 and continuing through to Year 6. Through initiatives such as our Junior School Council, students are empowered to have a meaningful voice in shaping the direction of our school community.

Our comprehensive curriculum extends beyond the academic realm to encompass specialist programs in physical education, arts, music, STEM and Japanese, ensuring a well-rounded educational experience for all students. A rich tapestry of enrichment and extracurricular activities, including sports events, music lessons, lunchtime clubs and community festivals, further enriches the educational journey of our students.

Our school’s infrastructure, featuring interconnected open classrooms and expansive grounds, fosters a conducive environment for learning and exploration. We take great pride in maintaining a welcoming, safe and inclusive atmosphere through the implementation of School-Wide Positive Behavior interventions.

With a thriving student population of 600 in 2024, Rosebud Primary School continues to experience remarkable growth, a testament to the quality and impact of our educational programs. Our strong partnership with parents and the wider community, exemplified through the active involvement of School Council sub-committees and fundraising initiatives, underscores our collective commitment to excellence and the well-being of every member of our school community.

Rosebud Primary School remains steadfast in its dedication to upholding the principles of HEART (Honesty, Effort, Attitude, Respect, Teamwork) in all facets of our educational endeavors, ensuring that each student is equipped with the skills, knowledge and values necessary to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Community Members,

It is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome to Rosebud Primary School. Our community is deeply committed to embodying our core values of Honesty, Effort, Attitude, Respect, and Teamwork.

At Rosebud Primary School, our educational programs are meticulously crafted to ensure that every child excels in the fundamental areas of Literacy and Numeracy. We prioritise personalised learning experiences that foster agency, enabling students to cultivate essential skills such as creativity, collaboration, and effective communication. We strive to nurture independent thinkers who are equipped to thrive in an ever-evolving world, continuously seeking and acquiring new knowledge and skills throughout their lives. With a strong emphasis on fostering a sense of belonging and inclusivity, we empower our students to embrace challenges, pursue their passions, and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

We firmly believe that parents and the wider community play a vital role in our school’s success. Your active participation and support enrich every aspect of school life, and we deeply value the expertise, skills, and contributions that you bring.

I encourage you to explore our school website and schedule a personalised tour to experience firsthand the vibrant learning environment at Rosebud Primary School. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to welcome you and your family as valued members of our learning community.

Warm Regards,

Kirsty Hudson


After persistent efforts, the residents of Rosebud achieved success when the Education Department, led by Inspector Craig, acknowledged the necessity of a school in Rosebud due to the high number of young children in the area. The school opened its doors on September 4, 1884, with Mr. John Rowe appointed as the head teacher and 37 students in attendance, 21 of whom transferred from Dromana State School.

In 1886, the Department purchased 2 acres of land on Main Road opposite the Mechanics Institute for £20 per acre. Subsequently, in November 1886, plans were announced to build a schoolhouse with a teacher’s residence on the acquired land, following the standard design of that era.

On April 7th, 1887, the school furniture was relocated to the newly constructed schoolhouse, and Mr. Joseph Hazeldine assumed the role of the head teacher.

Over the years, Rosebud State School, marked by several head teachers, witnessed growth in enrolment, especially with families of lighthouse keepers and new settlers in the area. By 1914, the school faced overcrowding issues, leading to calls for larger facilities.

In response to these demands, in 1922, tenders were invited for the construction of a new school building. The contract, awarded to Mr. Hyslop, led to the construction of a concrete building with improved facilities, which was inaugurated on February 29th, 1924, by Mr. Frank Tate, the Director of Education at the time.

Subsequently, the school underwent various expansions and renovations to accommodate the increasing student population and improve facilities. Notably, in 1980, a multipurpose hall was constructed, followed by significant renovations and additions in subsequent years, including the construction of new classrooms, a library, and administrative areas.

In recent years, Rosebud Primary School has continued to modernise and expand its facilities, with notable additions such as the Learning Centre (BER) in 2009 and the Junior School complex in 2014. More recently, the completion of a state-of-the-art stadium has been erected, alongside a double story year 5, year 6, STEM and Art learning hub.

Throughout its history, Rosebud Primary School has established a strong community spirit, evolving from humble beginnings and has evolved to a modern educational institution. The dedication of its staff, students, and community members remains central to its enduring legacy.

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2023 Annual Report to the School Community